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Modex 2020 - Is it real?

Well as we quickly approach the start to Modex 2020 it's an exciting time, but also one with significant nerves thanks to the Coronavirus. A tremendous number of vendors are still in the process of setting up their booths, but there are also some that have pulled their teams home.

As of today it's official that the following have cancelled their appearance at Modex: Berkshire Grey, Sick, Siemens, Dematic, Kardex Remstar, Hannibal Industries and Stellana. In addition many have reduced their participation to have far fewer people in the booth etc.

In regards to potential users and their attendance, this is much harder to track. I can confirm that many have taken the decision to cancel their attendance, which means the show will need a virtual element to it and we will help with this.

Over the next couple of days we will be touring Modex and meeting with many of the new technologies on the market, but only offering fist bumps and forearm shivers. For those that are not in attendance feel free to ask us to stop by any booth you may be interested in and we will be sure to gather information for you.

We will have a daily update on Modex and the participation for the duration that we are in attendance.

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