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Mobile Robot Transport Optimization by IOT

The internet of Things has enabled you to add wireless devices throughout your facility and now you can execute transport behaviors from these devices to be executed by mobile robots, guided vehicles or manual operations.  


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about the App

Combining autonomous mobile robots or automated guided vehicles with IOT devices can significantly enhance the value of the automated transport solution.  IOT sensors can detect conditions of proximity, distance, cube, height, weight or occupancy and with the SOFTBOT App can now create transport missions with any mobile robot or guided vehicle fleet manager.

Now with the simple push of a wireless button or the change of weight or height an automated mobile robot or guided vehicle can be orchestrated to complete a task.



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Simple Configuration of Behaviors

Enable operations to simply configure what IOT data can be used to create transport requests for a AMR / AGV let including different priority codes.  

As simple as:

Pick the device, select mission type, configure source, destinations and priority codes. 

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Optimized work flow

A single input from an IOT device can enable multiple types of transports.

  • Single mission to pickup & drop-off

  • Dual Mission: Pickup, Drop-off, pickup and drop off.

  • Priority Adjustment: Adjust priority of mission

  • Cancel: Cancel a mission if manually performed

Common Use Cases


Monitor Container Utilization and Replenish Empties while Collecting Full

  • Warehouse Waste Receptacles

  • Line Side Replenishment / Take-Away

  • Stretch Wrapper Loading / Unloading

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Gravity or Powered Conveyor Monitoring 

  • Stretch Wrapper Loading / Unloading

  • Optimized Manual Putaway Sortation

  • Replenishment to Line Side Operators


Floor Location Monitoring for carts, pallets or containers 

  • Monitor loading of carts

  • Monitor Floor Locations

  • Monitor stack height

Supported Providers

SOFTBOT Connectors Sockets Required:

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Architecture Required:

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